Wednesday, March 10, 2010


These four lobby chairs may appear to be a bit on the doggy side:
but for $16 each AND with a little help from our good friends at Apartment Therapy, you can turn doggy lobby chairs into THESE:
Check out the step by step instructions here:

With a little paint, some new funky fabric of your choice (I love the fabric shown on the DIY chairs) and about an hour of your precious time, you can transform fugly into fabulous.

Love is in the air...and Savers

This is what I'm talking about! A couple of weeks ago LJ's boyfriend (we can say boyfriend right?) surprised her by making over her little room at her mom's house. Its beyond amazing what he and two girlfriends did with the space. I'm told that they found the cute yellow chairs at Savers for $7 a piece. What a find! What might have looked like just old chairs in the midst of all the store clutter, look absolutely perfect and all dressed up in her new put together room. Check out the room makeover here:

And don't forget to swoon at how cute it is that the project was spearheaded by her "friend"!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Speaking of Anthropologie

Anthropologie has some really cute China Cabinet Clocks which sell for about $188 a piece. But the beauty is, they would be incredibly easy to make! Any thrift store has tons of fun, antique looking dishes that sell for about a dollar a piece.

I made a couple of simple clocks in my shop class back in middle school, so it can't be hard. (I mean I had braces, a she-mullet and zero confidence.)

You can find the clock parts at Michaels or Hobby Lobby for about $5

I'll make one in a couple weeks and post the process.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Through the looking glass

Listed with two other lamps that I'm not entirely fond of, this glass lamp is a perfect end table lamp. The clutter in the background is distracting, try to ignore it.

Amendment: Ah-ha! I was looking at Anthropologie today and I spotted this picture in the home section. This is almost exactly what I had in my mind...look closely and you will see a very very similar glass lamp in this photo.


Inexpensive barstools for modern space.

Horse Love

This is one of my most recent scavenges. I absolutely adore it. I found the picture at a thrift store for $2, it was water logged and curling up at the corners. So I got out my exacto knife, trimmed it down and put it in a new frame with glass to class it up. And now it looks nice don't you think? It still looks stained but I think it gives it character.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


One of the best ways to bring personality to your space is with a few well placed trinkets....on a bookshelf, on a mantle, wherever you need a little something. This minimal bedroom is clean and simple, yet they still have a nice wall box (under the frame) with a few fun items.

I love this model motorcycle that I found today. I think it would look great on a bookcase in a man's office. How awesome is the side car?